Custom Applications

BCS provides business and computer solutions to Central Arizona and beyond. Developing and implementing effective computer and Internet based solutions to solve real business issues is always an interesting challenge.

Typically the business owner/manager understands the business problem at hand but lacks sufficient computer and Internet knowledge to implement the best solution. The computer support person or company understands the technical aspects of the computer, operating system, network and the Internet but often has no understanding of the business issues involved.

At BCS we are business people first and computer knowledgeable second. Our background is business management, ownership, operation, and planning. We also possess knowledge of a wide range of computer, Internet and software thus enabling us to both understand the business issues and help in finding or developing an appropriate solution.

We can provide planning, development, installation, training, and tutoring on a wide variety of computer or Internet based solutions.

Our focus is centered in five primary areas of expertise:

  • Business Consulting
  • WordPress Site Development & Consulting
  • WordPress Site Maintenance Plans
  • QuickBooks Support, Training & Consulting
  • Business Marketing

Please review our services to see if we can assist you in implementing computer and Internet based solutions to help your business run more smoothly and efficiently.